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what is the rival?

We are The Rival at CofC. Our mission is to provide a platform of exposure and celebration for every intersection of diversity and marginalized community on our campus. We cover topics that no other publications in our city are brave enough to cover. We are a democratically accessible voice, fun to read, and a carefully curated network of unafraid creatives.

Before Rival, Charleston truly lacked open, raw and engaging forums for fresh dialogue. Our city lacked venues for talented student writers and photographers to write to their passions, expose injustices in our community or just to produce content we wanted our peers to be reading. The Rival at CofC is the platform our community needed and deserved.

CofC is packed with creative people yearning for expressive outlets. Some of the student publications in our area function under a different agenda than The Rival. We can attest first hand how an organizations’ primary value being easy-to-digest, “sharable” content can dampen a writer’s creativity. These publications do great things, but we are a new, open forum for student thought.

We are a squad of student leaders, growing writers, budding photographers, team-players, unapologetically expressive individuals, persnickety editors, social media strategists, party planners, and charismatic creatives. We aim to channel your perspectives, verbosity, and kick-assitude in to engaging, challenging, and bad ass content.

our mission

In the past decade, student news has been reduced to listicles, resume-builders, and click-bait.

Most for-profit campus news publications aim for clicks and create teams of disconnected writers and editors, many of which are post-grads working from an office building in New York City. And, while traditional publications have sound content, the entire operation is stuck in the past.

We want to change that.

The Rival Solution

We work by the mantra:

“Community, then Content.”

All operational, logistic, and creative decisions are made by the students at each campus. They create their own teams, design their own marketing campaigns, and build their own identity on campus.

This means that students are free to pursue and write about their passions and interests without interference from any institution.

How does it work?

While each school is united under The Rival’s name, they all have very different identities.

We provide a state-of-the-art mobile and desktop site customized to the school’s personality, a custom-build content management system that we’ve dubbed “The Newsroom,” extensive training and on-boarding information, and funds for marketing, food, events, and merchandise.

Our story

In March of 2014, we started The Rival at GW with a staff of 10, which quickly grew to 50. In a year, we racked up nearly half a million page views and placed 4th in the largest collegiate business plan competition in the nation.

After doing plenty of research, we realized that the problems we aimed to solve at GW were pervasive across hundreds of college campuses. In Summer of 2015, we began on-boarding new schools, and by November we launched nationwide.

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