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The Rival's weekly SGA report

student government


College of Charleston


The Rival's weekly SGA report

What's your government doing for you?

Daniel Cramer


The College of Charleston’s student senate had its weekly meeting Tuesday October 10th to discuss pressing matters. Presided over by president Alexandra Helfgott and Vice President Tripp Keefe, the senate addressed a variety of matters ranging from approval of a new club on campus, to swearing in a new junior senator.

The meeting began with a review of the financial funding process for clubs on campus. SGA’s total budget this year is $55,000 which is not enough to fund more than 75% of any one club’s expenses. Therefore treasurer Sarah Graham highly suggests that clubs also be prepared to fundraise to cover the remaining costs. Treasurer Graham reminded senators that Tuesday November 14th will be the day of the meeting to vote on allocated funds, to which clubs are highly encouraged to send representatives with an overview of their club's event purposes and locations so that they can receive the maximum amount of funds possible.

Following the treasury report, the senate addressed the approval of a new club on campus, Luminescent. Representative Bria Dantzler explained that this club is a non profit organization committed to community outreach through personal progress. It is unique because it is based entirely off the collegiate student’s vote on the issues they find the most pressing, or feel they could impact the most. Currently, there are 90 students interested but representative Dantzler hopes to spread the word and increase membership.
The club will hold monthly meetings and will also have 1 event based here in Charleston, as well as one “beyond” event which will address a national or international issue. Luminescent is currently fundraising to continue aid to communities in Flint Michigan that still do not have clean drinking water. Representative Dantzler also discussed the clubs initiative to work with middle schoolers in the Charleston area to address the dropout rate. (South Carolina’s dropout rate is highest in the 9th grade).

After successfully passing legislation allowing Luminescent on campus, the senate also approved the appointment of Jarrett Baade as new junior senator. Senator Baade is motivated by a desire to be a contributing member of the senate and engage the greater student body. While he has not previously served on SGA, he has been involved in a number of philanthropic endeavors with his Fraternity.
Senator Baade was sworn in at 5 pm today, and plans to start right away.

After discussing a range of pressing matters, vice president Tripp Keefe dismissed senators at 5:15 pm, bringing the weekly meeting to an end.