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A guide to coffee shops for people who don't like coffee

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College of Charleston


A guide to coffee shops for people who don't like coffee

Stop the cold presses!


Since the dawn of the age of millennials, coffee has been a big part of college culture as well as just a general addiction we have as Americans. It’s something that is a necessity for some students to function normally, and it is also something that people drink socially. For some of us however, we just flat out don’t like it. It can be a very overbearing drink and something that us non-coffee drinkers don’t find we actually need to survive. As for finding a coffee shop where you enjoy their products, it can be hard, and we feel for you. There are so many factors to consider when picking the perfect spot, so we've rounded up a few for you to help make the decision easier!

Did they put a sufficient amount of caramel in the coffee? Since I’m not a fan of coffee, I personally have to disguise the taste of any drop of it with either caramel or vanilla. I’m always the person to ask them if they can add more; just give me a cup of caramel.

Do you dig the music? Are you feeling the vibes? Coffee shop music is essential when getting down to business and taking those money shots to put on your Instagram story of you “working.” But when it actually comes down to doing some real work, it actually does matter. It’s much easier to focus with minimal background noise and/or songs with which you are not familiar. If you are looking for just an aesthetic setting, you can always bring your headphones and use one of Spotify’s studying playlists to get you in the mood. 

Is the bathroom gross? This is a big one. If you’re going to be there for a while and plan on getting multiple beverages to drain your stress, this is a must. Cleanliness overall is a big thing, but when it comes to public spaces that might be hard. The rule of thumb is that if they don’t have a lock on the door, or if their floor is constantly sticky, it’s probably not the best place to take a whiz.

Do they only have coffee? Or do they have other drinks? Non-coffee drinkers know what I’m talking about. Seriously, it is awful going to a coffee shop only to find that they don’t even have water on tap. Just something as simple as that or lemonade is good enough to help keep you focused while working or lounging around. Thankfully, most places in Charleston have a pitcher of water out for the public to grab. Try to find a place that has a wide assortment of drinks and food options so that you have all of the bases covered.

Are there good spots for some people watching? I’m a huge fan of finding a place where you can kick back, relax, and just people watch. Yes, it might sound a tad bit creepy, but let’s be honest here… we all do it. It's something that fascinates us as humans to watch and observe others. However, when it comes to watching everyone in public, it makes it so much more interesting to hear what they all are chatting about.

Best of luck on your search for the best coffee shop! Looking for the perfect spot may be hard, but it will only take time. We will keep you in our prayers while you undertake this endeavor.